Struggle is all about despair and hopes,
It’s all about falling and rising,
Rising each and every time you fall;
Overcoming obstacles and breaking every wall!
It’s all about burning a flame in the dark,
When the strong wind blows to put out every spark!
It’s about devoting yourself to your mission,
It’s about believing in your own unique vision!
Proving to the world what you have always believed,
And delivering every concept you have ever conceived!
Gaining confidence with those small achievements,
And realizing your dreams;
Through those struggling moments!
It’s about accepting defeats and trying relentlessly,
Learning from your mistakes and smiling victoriously,
Because every struggle has its victories spread all over,
More so, if choose not to follow the beaten track,
More so, if you are walking alone on your path,
More so, if it is against all the odds,
Victories more triumphant than those celebrated,
Because you believe in the cause;
Though nobody else does!
Because you really care,
And more so, because you dare!

© Manish Hatwalne
(Originally written on : 19 Feb 1998)

Published earlier on & Indian Express


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