It’s a Sony!

I went to this Sony World – Nucleus Mall, Pune yesterday to enquire about Sony H5 digital camera and get some information about it. They didn’t have H5, but had H2 and informed me that they can arrange for H5. The owner called an executive to assist me in knowing the product. He was a smart, well dressed chap!! I asked him if the camera allows capturing images in RAW mode (I did my homework, but still asked.) He didn’t understand – he mentioned it captures on memory stick sir. I patiently explained & asked again – this time he said, “The camera can capture MPEG movies also besides JPG”. I again explained to him that I am trying to know about capture format of still images, whether it can be stored in RAW or TIFF format, to which he said, “Memory stick pe hi hota hai sir!!”

I was beginning to lose my patience – so I asked him if he is representing Sony and if they do have some sort of product training sessions for the executives there. He was outright rude and said, “No one asks such questions here sir!!” (‘Sir’ can be used as a “bad word”, if you know how Pune shopkeepers can talk sometimes).

Also, they didn’t have H2 to “show”, only one packed piece – and explanation was – “People buy Sony products for the brand!!” (Huh?? how does Sony brand will guess & add features that I want??? How would I know otherwise if the camera really feels comfortable in my hand?? I can’t see & feel the real thing on the Internet!)

I know, and I do often do my homework/research on the Internet, including reviews & all. But when it comes to the *real thing* – it has to be seen & felt before buying! *I* should be comfortable with that product – right??

And asking about image format shouldn’t be such a difficult question? I wasn’t asking him about sensor size/type whether it’s CCD or CMOS and all that. ‘Image format, does it allow RAW capture?’ should be one of the basic questions for digital camera in this class? And executive wasn’t able to understand that – leave alone answering it.

On one such previous occasion, one Sony executive wasn’t able to answer if the music system used gears or belts for its cassette deck! And recently my friend annoyingly left Sony World -Kothrud as nobody there would give him proper information about Handy-cam & finance options available. (Yes, that way they are consistent in bad service – whether it’s good-old Kothrud or happening Nucleus mall.) Amazing!!! Shouldn’t they hire people who are genuinely interested in the products they are selling? Or at least – interested in having proper knowledge about the products they are selling? Why so much apathy??? Or is it because neo-rich yuppies are shelling out money to buy objects-of-desire without really having any interest in knowing more about them? Or is it because people here are meek, ignorant and just buy the stuff for its brand? Or is it because all the smart youngsters are now employed in BPOs/Call-Centers and the retail sector is left with lethargic dumbos?? Why should customer-service be the least cared for part of the market, to the extent that it makes you wonder if any such thing even exists here in India. ‘Customer is the king’ is a BIG lie here! As it’s often said – customer is the most neglected entity in such places!! And even big players like Sony seem to be least bothered about all this!!!

Oh what happened? Well – I had no other option but to walk out!!!! 🙂


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