I was just reading a casual post/poem by Asmita here and was amused to see this poem about changing friendship. It made me recall one of my older poems (way too old – written in 1995) expressing similar feelings. About how friends grow apart & relationships change with time!

It’s kind of strange and transcendental feeling when you feel relating so closely to someone else’s personal experience & expressions – and you do not even know that person nor have you ever met him/her!! Maybe it’s this bond of sharing feelings that brings people closer with empathy irrespective of their cast, creed & culture!Here is my original poem, the way it was written some 12 years ago –


Yesterday we met again, like strangers
Like people who never knew each other.
Again we talked about those things,
Which do not matter anymore!
Like two strangers, trapped in an unknown place;
Like we never spent those days together!
Yes, I was hurt when you ignored me,
You went out with someone else & I was alone
You don’t want me by your side anymore.
Now whenever I meet you, I feel so strange,
I wonder, where did the feeling go?
How two people, so good together,
Could be so unknown to each other?
How could you change so much?
And when did you?
I would have never loved you, only if I knew!
No; I can’t do those stupid things, it hurts my soul;
I can’t change myself this way, I am all right even alone.
Now, our worlds have become different suddenly,
Our dreams, our ways, everything has changed drastically.
You go your way dear, and I’ll go mine,
I’ll have to go alone, but it’s fine!
I don’t want to get dragged along with a stranger,
And I don’t want you to carry me against your wish.
So let us part right now,
For, tomorrow may be different somehow!
It’s strange, how relationships change so fast,
It seems like yesterday, we were together, never to depart.
I never thought, our worlds could drift apart,
I never thought, I’d be left with a broken heart.
Now, you look like an unknown person,
Your dreams seem so different.
You are not the one I used to know long ago,
Those lovely bonds are broken, how I don’t know!
Your love has changed, you have found someone new,
Perhaps, everything changes, so have you!
But, I haven’t changed, I am still the same.
I am not defeated, though I have lost the game.
Maybe, it’s better this way,
You follow your path,
And I’ll walk alone on my way!
You have your own life and I have my own,
Let us say goodbye, and let us face the unknown.
We could meet again, after few years,
Once again, like strangers!

© Manish Hatwalne
(Originally written on : 29 September 1995)


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