That One Song : Prelude…

It happens Often…you listen to ‘that one song‘ and just keeps haunting you wherever you go!!! It just keeps playing in your head when you’re all alone or even when you’re in crowd!! It stays in your mind and creates an unforgettable impression in your mind!!

You may like that song instantly or it might grow on you; that’s immaterial. What matters is the impression that song creates – what you feel about that one song! Somehow the song touches something deep down in your soul and you can relate to that song immensely. You may or may not be able to express what makes you relate to that song so strongly – but that one song transforms you to another world!

In this series, I am planning to write about the songs that I have loved immensely, with the hope that I could express my feelings for that one song!


4 thoughts on “That One Song : Prelude…

  1. suparna says:

    i think the one striking and lovely quality about the one song/person/thing etc is that words are never enough.
    dil cheer ka dikhaane ka mann karta hai, but even that’s not enuf to say what it means to you 🙂

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