Taare Zameen Par….

Taare Zameen Par…A movie you must not miss…..pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaase go and watch it – at least once! I will be watching it at least 7 times!!! This is just an amazing movie within the limits of a commercial Bollywood movie. Let other people write reviews and discuss all those details, how script was written, how well shots have been taken how well Darsheel & Aamir Khan have acted; as for me, my only review would be tears in my eyes and all those lump-in-the-throat moments I experienced in the movie! Please just go and experience this movie.

Kudos to Amol Gupte (it’s his child after all), Aamir Khan and of course Darsheel Safary!!!

खरच डोळे भरून बघावी आणि भरलेले डोळे न पुसता दाद द्यावी अशीच movie! खरं तर भरलेले डोळे हीच खरी दाद!!!

I am not writing any review myself about the film, but here are some real good ones I have found and just linking them here –

I sort of agree that the end could have been better, if the whole film is so much against “rat race” and not being part of this cut-throat competition; why Ishaan had to win the competition to make for a happy ending? That’s very predictable Bollywod climax & palatable end I guess!! Maybe, Aamir Khan is to be blamed/held responsible for this. But despite that – the film conveys & portrays what it intends to!! If nothing else, it’s a must-watch for Ishaan’s (Darsheel) intensity alone!


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