Let it go…

Another old poem of mine, wanted to put it here with an appropriate image – found that image finally!

Two Monks

As I hold on to those memories, agonies and pain,
Someone inside me whispers, let it go.
I close my eyes and tears fall silently,
And it all comes back again.
Heartbreaks, back stabbing, lies and betrayals,
My heart weeps and again a tear slips.
I carry it all on my shoulder,
In this darkness, time and again I flounder.
I look around in search of the light,
I look within myself for some peace.
So many memories, so much pain and not a shoulder to cry,
Helplessly, I look up and wonder ‘Why?’
But why is never answered and I wonder ‘How?’
How do I heal, how do I find my solace.
And inside me someone whispers, let it go!
No matter how much you are hurt, never let it show,
Don’t waste your tears for those who are not worth it.
Prove you mettle, bear it with grin, get up after every blow,
For no one else, but for yourself, let it go!

Look up at the sky and let it go,
Look at the ocean and let it go,
Look at the mountains and let it go.
Think about the future, its promise and let it go.
Think about the kids, their innocence and let it go.
Think about a mother, her benevolence and let it go.

It’s over when it’s over, get over it,
Bury it deep, never carry it along;
You’ll get tired, because the road is going to be long.
Drop the excess baggage, come on, get going,
Time is running, and the sky is waiting.
Move on, cheer up, let yourself grow,
When you’ll reach up there, you’ll know,
The best way is to let it go!

I whisper it to myself, “Let it go!”
And I see two monks across the river,
Along with the beautiful lady, sing in chorus,
“Let it go, let it go!”

© Manish Hatwalne
(Originally written on : 16 December 2001)


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