Buying a Skoda? Think again…

Well, I am not really in market as of today to buy a Skoda, but have been reading horror stories about Harish’s experience on Team-BHP in last few days, and I am really horrified to say the least. He mentions that in his Skoda, parts worth almost Rs. 4 Lacs (Yes, INR 400,000) were replaced by spurious parts by the dealer, and Skoda just washed their hands off it. You can read the whole story here –

Moreover, it seems that it is not just one off exception. Many people have reported on Team-BHP forums about their horror experience about Skoda and its After Sales Service. In fact, Team-BHP has decided to stand up for the truth and they are prominently putting it up in a separate thread on their forum. You can read about it here –

There are just too many bad experiences posted by different people to shrug it off –

You read, and decide yourself if some Auto Manufacturers are indeed taking premium Indian customers for a ride! As for me, I really do not know real facts of this matter; but I have decided that I’ll never, ever buy a Skoda in my life!


5 thoughts on “Buying a Skoda? Think again…

  1. Skoda is a rip off..maybe someone needs to hit their CEO’s head with a log.. wtf will someone buy an expensive car and pay premium to maintain and get ripped off?.

    Also – VW – whts so premium about jetta – an ordinary sedan that they have to charge 16 lakhs?..

    Skoda CEO – get your head checked..

    I’m happy with my hyundais and tatas on the road

  2. Puneet Kanodia says:

    I agree with the comments “Dont buy and SKODA card”. My car is almost 2 years old and I have been only able to drive 9,600 Kms, where as my other car does more than 35,000 kms per year.
    The A/c is not working ever since I bought the car, and have been to workshop 8 times. The car has been in workshop 4 times since last six months and still nothing has happened. I have even written to the jerk MD of theirs Sudhir Roa and team but have not heard anything from them.

    I am now writing to their global team to get the problem solved. You cant hit their CEO with a log as he is a dead wood….
    Please dont buy SKODA ever….I am repenting it……

  3. Abhijit B Mahire says:

    my skoda fabia had ABS failed alarm. when send to Skoda service center, the incharge asked for advance to order ABS costing Rs.18000/- approx. I paid Rs.5000/- advance and the part arrived post 15 days. After installing the new ABS kit , still they are not able to clear the alarm for a month and finally asking to order new version ABS KIT for Rs.88,000/- . I suspect they are hiding the fact to change controller as well as they are not able to decode it .. Real BASTARDS… #WorldCrassSkodaService

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