Once a father…

Interesting stuff to share…Finally, after almost a month of hectic weekdays & more hectic weekends, I finally got 4 royal hours yesterday to spend the way I want; thanks to Bosky and her half day work on Saturday.

Predictably, I ended up in Landmark; but interestingly I ended up spending most of my time in Kids’ section..purchasing toys for Mishtoo and believe it or not, not even a single book for myself (record of sorts)! And I actually wanted to leave Landmark early..unbelievable!! Life changes…and how?

And then there was this moment of enlightenment…’You can take man out of the house, but you cannot take house out of a man!’ असेच अवचितअनिल अवचट आठवले…”आता मी इतका बाप झालोय की बाप नसतांना मी कसा होतो ते आठवतही नाही”! In my case, I do remember vividly…but the process is irreversible now! Here’s my happy Santa 🙂

Mishtoo - the happy Santa

Mishtoo - My happy Santa! 🙂


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