To all my friends: I may not be able to keep in touch with you as much as I would have liked, life is just overwhelming & challenging for last few months/years due to ‘n’ number of reasons…! And all those leisurely walks & talks with friends seem to be distant, past life memories now. I wish I could call up and talk more often to all of you, but only “free” time I get now is after 11.30 PM (if there are no important mails or chats), and I am usually drained by that time. I miss my friends from IIT, College, AFP/French, C-DAC, LSuC, Psychology/REBT, Anil Awachat group, MiPa, and those who wouldn’t fit in any group but are very close to me because we connect well irrespective of age & distance, and there are so many others who have touched my life in so many beautiful ways – I really, really want to keep in touch, and wish we could meet more often. Forgive me if I haven’t been able to call up often, but please know that I still hold you all close in my heart, and really cherish time I have spent with you in life – and all those mails in which I opened my heart without inhibitions knowing that you’d understand! Knowing friends would understand things unspoken & not written!

I never had too many friends, but all those I have are *very* close friends – more like part of my own self. Missing them too much today, including the one I lost some time ago. Anyway! Love you all! And making a resolution to at least send mails, if meeting in person is not possible….please keep in touch! Trust me, I need you more than I could ever express!

वो कोई दोस्त था अच्छे दिनों का,
जो पिछली रात से याद आ रहा है….


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