Any man worth his salt… (Shared)

Sharing this post from my other blog, I think it is applicable rather differnt, disjoint sets of readers. Some excerpts –

How many times we just hear this cliché about ‘original/independent’ thinking or thinking ‘out-of-box’, and yet time and again we’d be expected to do exactly what has been told – in a compliant do-as-directed mode. In fact, bigger the organization, more stringent the compliance norms would be. I recently read that one giant software company in India has dictated even what to wear on every day of the week to the employees. And then I have a friend working in a senior management grade for yet another software giant, he decides to borrow a book from his library based on number of times it has been issued! Huh? Talk about personal preferences versus popularity!

Read full article here – Any man worth his salt…


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