Social Media Generation & Zen Pencils

I am an early adopter of Facebook myself and I think it is a good platform to discuss your thoughts, ideas, feelings or to form a community of people who are separated by distance but may share your love for a particular author/painter or any other interest. Social media can be enriching and if used properly, can do something very constructive as well! I know how some people have used Twitter successfully for excellent brand positioning. There’s entire Social Media Marketing built around these few applications given their influence.

Yet, I find it amusing why some people post about every small visit to a restaurant, or some jerk they meet on the way and so on. I know someone who keeps posting her photos wherever she visits. And she seldom has anything to say about those places beyond couple of adjectives or verbs that can be summarized with pairs such as awesome/pathetic or rocks/sucks! You know what I mean! 🙂 These people seldom speak about their experiences about those places or people that they meet or how they make them feel. So I wonder often what’s the itch of posting those Instagram photos on social media sites just announcing to the world that you’ve been there with someone. What’s the point in daily status updates like – “At XYZ, pathetic food here” or “At PQR, having awesome pasta with ABC”? I can understand if you post such things occasionally, but fail to comprehend reasons why someone would post several such photos or status updates in a week about visiting some pizza/pasta/whatever eat-outs. And not to miss, those Airport status updates as well! Why is there so much of obsession about updating the status about all those irrelevant, frivolous things? As if entire joy depends on those few likes & comments instead of the wonderful experience itself that you claim to be having! I often wonder if it is more about seeking attention and boosting your ego?

Anyway! Of late, I have become a big fan of Zen Pencils (Yeah, I did discover it through Social media) and here is this amazing illustration that Gavin has posted there based on Marc Maron’s words – Marc Maron – The Social Media Generation. It exactly says what many of us have been saying all along. All this addiction for likes & comments boils down to one simple demand – Would someone please acknowledge me?

I can’t add the entire illustration here, but I urge you to click the link given above and please have a look at it yourself. It’s very effective and conveys its point so well! Here is an amazing animation video created from Zen Pencil’s cartoon by reader ‘JessTheDragoon’.  It makes the cartoon even more effective!


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