PIFF 2014 – Inauguration Day

Pune International Film Festival 2014 (PIFF 2014) started today in Pune. They felicitated Adur Gopalkrishnan & Vinod Khanna. As expected, there was a huge rush to watch Vinod Khana, but since I was least interested, I decided to reach just in time for the first movie and hoped to find place in the cinema hall. Despite long queue, I got lucky and found a place to sit there.

Some of the minor annoyances – not sure why they invite politicians, that inevitably results in lots of police vans and traffic mess. Moreover, cops being cops – are as rude as you can get so I was happy to finally get through them and park my vehicle peacefully.  Another annoyance with PIFF organizers is that they don’t make catalogues available well in advance. Why can’t it be made available at least a day before the festival starts? That would allow people to get god idea about movies being shown there and allow them to read synopsis to decide which all movies they’d like to watch. Apparently, the catalogue would be available tomorrow. Let’s see.

Another minor annoyance is about overselling the passes – they sell as many as they can and that eventually means that you’d end up with lot of crown and not sure until last moment if you can manage to find place in the cinema hall. This is especially true for inauguration film, Marathi films and few other well-known films. Anyway – can’t help it.

Besides minor complains about these annoyances, it is otherwise a big treat for any serious film-lover where you get to watch so many international films from all over the world which otherwise wouldn’t have been feasible. That’s a wonderful culture being promoted by these festivals and more people would have access to international meaningful cinema, to help them understand the power of this medium far beyond the frivolous films that Bollywood produces year after year.

Anyway! I plan to add the films that I manage to watch this time and if I get time and if I get impressed enough with the films, I would also try to add my own experience of the film here. I am little busy with other things, so not sure how many I’d manage to watch but I’ll add whatever I manage to watch here on the blog.  Primarily I am adding them for my own reference later and hope to write about few of them.

(1) Inauguration Film:  Ana Arabia by Amos Gitai (Israel) – It was good, not as impressive as last year’s Epilogue but a good one nevertheless. Here are some reviews –

And here is the trailer from YouTube –


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