PIFF 2014 – Last Day: 16 Jan 2014

I didn’t go to watch any films today in the Pune International Film Festival, there’s lot lot of work to be done now.  So that’s the end of PIFF for me now! The most impressive films I found in this PIFF are –

  • Papusza by Joanna Kos-Krauze, Krzysztof Krauze (Poland) – Definitely most beautiful cinematography in this PIFF. Frames are just out of this world and convey so much without the words.
  • The great beauty by Paolo Sorrentino (Italy/France) – Another impressive film. Liked the way it represents more serious questions in a light manner without sounding preachy.  Would like to watch it again.
  • Walesa by Andrzej Wajda (Poland) – It is intimidating to see the breadth of material and crisp narration that Wajda can manage to produce at the age of 87. An impressive biopic this is and some motivation for me to read more about the Solidarity & history of Poland and neighbouring countries at that time.
  • Camille Claudel by Bruno Dumont (France) – This was good, but I wish I knew more about her *before* watching the film. Maybe the film itself should have covered more of it to explain few references. Another film that I would like to watch again after doing some necessary homework about her.

I missed the “Rhino Season” that was probably one of the best films in PIFF  this year, but hope to procure it somehow and watch it. Overall, a nice experience. Managed to watch 12+ films in a single festival after several years!


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