You start *something* with lot of hopes and certain ideas in your mind, you commit to it and then you give your heart & soul, time & efforts to this *something*, believing that it would take you closer to your goals; closer to the person you’d love to be.

As time passes, you start realizing that this is not what you had wanted, you realize that it is not going to bring you any closer to your aspirations & goals. Still you’re committed to it and you keep giving it everything despite getting drained in the process. You don’t enjoy the process anymore, yet some hope still glimmers in your heart, making you wonder if it would be rewarding if you take this further, if you take it till the end, till this *something* is completed ‘successfully‘. You hope that honouring your commitment would make it up in the end, though you are getting disillusioned with the process as the time passes.

So what do you do? Do you honour your commitment or do you just walk away since this *something* that you had wanted so badly is not making you happy anymore? I am contemplating….do we (or at least, some of us) really overrate commitment? Do we overlook the fact that sometimes you discover few things only as you go through them with time. You can’t really foresee how it would go before you commit. Is commitment really a virtue or just a burden of self righteousness in some cases? Or do commitments yield sweet fruits with patience? Is there a single answer really?

Now, put intimate relationship, your dream job, or course that you always wanted to do in place of this *something*; and read this entire rambling about commitment and see if it makes sense!

I thought…thought….. and thought about it… and all I could come up with is the answer that I use most frequently – “Well, it all depends….”. Seriously! Isn’t it?

On a lighter note, why do they have two ‘m‘s in the word ‘Commitment‘? What do you think –  of course, not about the spelling, but about commitment itself?


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