Journey Of Self Exploration – Prologue

This is a new idea that I am experimenting with. As such self exploration is indeed a life-long journey and as I have written here before, the restlessness grows beyond control at times and propels you search something within.  Anyway! So for last one year or so I have been reading up lot of books and articles online & offline specifically related to self exploration, and during a session at PUVU yesterday, as we were discussing this idea self exploration I thought it would be nice to share those articles, videos and books that have inspired me, motivated me, helped me as I continue my journey. Their impact and insights are invaluable and I am grateful to them. In a way, it is my way to show my gratitude.

I have consciously chosen the words “Self Exploration” instead of “Self Discovery”, because I think  “Self Discovery”, has an implied connotation that you ought to discover something as the result. Self Exploration is a more free term…it is open, and to me it indicates willingness to wander, to explore and accept all that is part of you, including the laziness & inertia to do things that we really want to do, but somehow we don’t…

We may eventually develop deep insights about our own being and purpose in this process, but it is more about committing ourselves to this process of self exploration as authentically as we can. It is of course slow and iterative process, but it is immensely rewarding as well.

I am planning to add one blog post daily for the next 7 days and then decide how do we go about this further. That’s what I have promised to my friends at PUVU yesterday, and I will start with it later today.

I am hoping to see more travellers here in this journey of self exploration….

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