Mahek Mirza is a young school girl interested in several things. She gets the first prize in her science project, pulls off lead role in her school drama when lead actor is absent and she even wins bravery award as she saves her classmate from drowning – all in her dreams!
Mahek wants to become the very best at everything, but unable to figure out how. It is her wonderful journey of discovering her own unique gift.
Despite some glitches, this is a beautiful film by Kranti Kanade, who gave us wonderful “Chaitra” based on G. A. Kulkarni’s story as his diploma film in FTII.
I enjoyed it as much as my 7 year old did. The complete film is freely available on YouTube – do watch!


Few Films from PIFF 2016

Here are some films that I saw at Pune International Film Festival (PIFF) 2016 earlier this month. I have added their trailers along with my comments about the films. I am hoping to write in details about at least few of them later on this blog.

(1)  The Thin Yellow Line/Delgada Linea Amarilla (Mexico/Spanish): This was the opening film of PIFF-2016. It was an impressive festival film about 5 men hired to paint the lines on a road. These men are of different ages, and oldest one has a son who ran away from his house while the youngest one has run away from his home due to his parents’ fights. While doing this work in a desert, these men develop good rapport and share some laughter and agonies.

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