Touch Of Care – A Touching Short Film by Neeraj Ghaywan

This is a freaking awesome short-film – less than 4 minutes, but what a film! Showing how you could be subtle yet effective without becoming preachy. Exemplifying power of story-telling and creativity…. The blue balloon flying in the sky could actually bring tears to your eyes as you listen to that soulful narration!

It’s amazing how a creative film-maker can use such a simple, short yet powerful story to speak for the cause – Touch Of Care is by one of my favourite contemporary directors, Neeraj Ghaywan of Masaan! Do watch!

For me, it’s a great example of blending your own purpose of making films with a meaningful cause – issue of transgender mother Gauri Sawant bringing up orphaned girl – Gayatri. Being a real story gives this film that necessary gravity. Thanks to Vicks for supporting this cause of transgender issues.

By the way, while we’re talking about issues of single parents, it is also important to know that a single man cannot still adopt a girl child in India, maybe someone should make a film about loving father with adopted girl!



Mahek Mirza is a young school girl interested in several things. She gets the first prize in her science project, pulls off lead role in her school drama when lead actor is absent and she even wins bravery award as she saves her classmate from drowning – all in her dreams!
Mahek wants to become the very best at everything, but unable to figure out how. It is her wonderful journey of discovering her own unique gift.
Despite some glitches, this is a beautiful film by Kranti Kanade, who gave us wonderful “Chaitra” based on G. A. Kulkarni’s story as his diploma film in FTII.
I enjoyed it as much as my 7 year old did. The complete film is freely available on YouTube – do watch!