Little starry walks…

These days I go for evening walks with my son
He tells me about the upcoming blue moon
He continues to chatter about Mars, and Venus
As he keeps gazing at the starlit sky above us

He tells me how to distinguish a planet from a star
The Illuminated reflection, versus the flickering fire
He explains helium fusion, the role of the atmosphere
Something I'd learnt in childhood, but lost it somewhere

He talks about the brightest celestial body - Sirius star
The Andromeda galaxy, the nearest one, but yet so far
The discussion moves to Harry Potter inevitably
If not for these walks, I'd have missed it all easily

The excited voice when he shares all these stories
An infectious joy in those dancing, twinkling eyes
The way my heart glows, they must be the stars.
I kind of love these lovely, little starry walks...

~ Manish (30/10/2020)

Featured image by StockSnap from Pixabay.

Too much of a beach

Pleasurable only in a fair weather,
When you are not in it for long.
Too much of a beach
Is not good for anyone.
It’s only when you stay long enough,
You understand the scorching heat
You realize what oceans of water can do
The way it mirrors the merciless sun,
The salt it rubs in your wounds,
The burns you get,
The way they hurt.
How you wish
You had left long ago.

You get all scorched
When you overstay in an intense,
But essentially toxic relationship.

© Manish Hatwalne (15/11/2019)

Reaching for the moon

Reaching for the moon,
But just falling short
Impossible to explain,
How it breaks your heart
So near, yet so far,
All the efforts falling apart

Yes, I’ll own it,
I’ll answer every why
I’m not giving up,
I’ll give it another try
But this pain is real,
My tears won’t lie

Dear, sometimes when they’re hurt,
Men also cry.

© Manish Hatwalne

No prizes for guessing the inspiration.
#MenToo #KSivan #ISRO #Chandrayaan2 #VikramLander #MenDoCry

Featured image gratitude: ISRO, Vikram Lander trajectory image from the live feed.