Introducing My Zen Path

I am happy to announce that I have launched My Zen Path, it is an endeavor to provide guidance and examples of meaningful living and working with purpose. It is a website dedicated to self-discovery & self-actualization. The website is a collection of various articles, videos, resources and my own experiences, thoughts related to these topics.  It is an attempt to rethink work and life!

It is for all those who wish to follow their own path, including those who haven’t yet figured out their own path! :-)

I had written a series of blog posts under series Journey Of Self Exploration few months ago and that was the inspiration behind My Zen Path. You can find articles from that series on My Zen path and it also includes many other articles, resources.

You can read more about it here:  About My Zen Path.

And if you are curious about rethinking work & life, I’d suggest you to subscribe to its monthly newsletter to ensure that all latest updates are delivered to your mailbox.



So, are you passionate about everything that you do?

I have published this on my other blog, but thought it would be useful for readers here as well.

So, are you passionate about everything that you do?
You could be a Multipotentialite!

I got hooked up by the question itself. It is quite intriguing for someone like me who gets pulled by diverse interests all the time.

In this interesting TEDx talk, Emilie Wapnick discusses ‘Why Some of us Don’t Have One True Calling’ and how it could actually be a good thing.

Read here: So, are you passionate about everything that you do?