The cycle of tiny changes: ‘L’ & Chaakori

I had seen “Chakori” (चाकोरी) long ago in one workshop by the director duo, Sumitra Bhave & Sunil Sukathankar itself. Recently when I saw “L” by Amit Masurkar (Newton, Sulemani Keeda), it reminded me of Chakori once again.

Here are two short films – with unmistakable strong undercurrent that connects them together – watch and see it for yourself.



‘L’ is probably better in terms of acting and production, but I think in terms of screenplay and underlying concept “Chakori” (चाकोरी) is better, though it is much longer around 30 mins. “L”  puts it succinctly under 5 mins. Both brilliant in their own ways, and exemplify power of short-films. What do you think?