ख़्वाब बिखरते रहे…

बेवजह की दुनियादारी मे हम यूँ ही उलझे रहे
वक़्त गुज़रता गया, और ख़्वाब बिखरते रहे|

दिल की ही कहेंगे, दिल की ही सुनेंगे,
अपनी राह खुद चुनेंगे, बस कहते रहे|

ख़्वाहिशें अधूरी रही, जो सोचा वो न कर पाये
आँख भर आयी मगर, मुस्कुराकर सहते रहे|

किसी की किताब छपी, किसी ने ख़्वाबों की तामीर की
ठंडी आहें भरकर हम, हसरतों से उन्हे तकते रहे|

ये मजबूरियाँ अपनी है, वो ख़्वाब भी अपने थे
हकीकत जो न बन पाये, उनके लिये तरसते रहे|

न बात निकली, न ज़िक्र हुआ, दास्ताँ अपनी किससे कहे
हसती-खिलती महफ़िल मे, हम भी फिर हसते रहे|

जिंदगी कुछ यूँ गुजरी, यारी, रिश्ते, फर्ज़ निभाते रहे
‘मनिष’ तो ख़ाक हो गया, अरमाँ मगर सुलगते रहे|

© Manish Hatwalne
(Originally completed on 23/5/2017)

I had written first couplet back in 2012.  Something stays alive for so long, more like a dormant thought, and then resurfaces with sudden gush of feelings, words and makes you wonder where was it all this while… maybe flowing somewhere deep within.

So, a couplet that came spontaneously roughly 5 years ago gets transformed into this poem. Sharing it here on #WorldPoetryDay.

Featured image is from the internet, and unable to locate its origin, so can’t give credit here. But I am using it here with gratitude.


कई दिनों से शिकायत नहीं जमाने से….

ये आसमान, ये बादल, ये रास्ते, ये हवा
हर एक चीज़ है अपनी जगह ठिकाने से
कई दिनों से शिकायत नहीं जमाने से….

When you’re happy, you complain less! There’s a bit of psychology/REBT in this song. 😛

Jokes apart, some voices have that earthy feel or singer-next-door appeal and then there are some heavenly voices – Mohammed Rafi’s voice was undoubtedly divine and transcendental….unique & exclusive!

This song has that ‘happiness with contentment’ elements of someone who has found his bliss.This is not a song of ecstasy, or triumph of winning over someone… it’s more of gratitude……it’s a pleasant spring of freshness, a realization that, ‘yes, we are blessed together’….a subtle but rejuvenating fragrance of memories that stay within, and bring a smile on your face without any reason when you’re working or doing some mundane daily chores…. knowing deep down that you’ve found your real bliss & inner peace!

Rafi’s voice captures all this beautifully….the essence of contentment and gratitude, not ecstasy of triumph. It’s not so much about personal achievement or possession…just a heartfelt bliss, gratitude for being blessed with someone.

Words of Nida Fazli are exemplary, they describe the bliss – Rafi feels it and expresses it in his voice in a way that only he could have done….

हर एक फूल किसी याद सा महकता है
तेरे ख़याल से जागी हुई फिजायें है
ये सब्ज़ पेड़ है, या प्यार की दूवायें है
तू पास हो के नहीं फिर भी तू मुक़ाबिल है

तेरे जमाल से रोशन है कायनात मेरी
मेरी तलाश तेरी दिलकशी रहे बाकी
खुदा करे की ये दीवानगी रहे बाकी
तेरी वफ़ा ही मेरी हर खुशी का हासिल है

Usha Khanna’s music is beautiful, though I feel the preludes and interludes in Rafi’s version of this song are a bit too loud. There is another version of this song sung by Hemlata and that is also sung very nicely, but IMHO it does not express soul of the song as well as Rafi does or as well as Nida Fazli’s words suggest.  Although I believe she definitely has got better stanzas/words in her version. There is yet another version of this song by Manhar Udhas, but in my ‘not so humble’ opinion, I think he just missed the soul of this song. His version sounds like someone singing a sad song about separation….

As for the the videos, hmmm……well, Rafi’s version is supposed to be an euphoric party song (that explains loud preludes & interludes) and other two are outdoor version filmed on Ranjeeta and Raj Babbar.  Without going into the details of their facial expressions and acting prowess, let me just say that these songs are not visual treats anyway, they are not to be watched, they need to be listened to carefully, preferably with eyes closed!

Songs are magical….they can sing for themselves appropriately in your mind long after you think you’ve forgotten them. This was one of my favourite songs in my teenage days but I haven’t heard this one for years now, probably it has been more than a decade….but then magic happens! 🙂

I was feeling quite blessed today…the reasons are too personal to put here, but I had this rare, blissful feeling today and somehow this song started playing in my mid….told you, they are magical! 🙂

And when they take over, you have no other option but to express whatever is flowing through you….


Rafi’s version from the movie –

And here is Hemlata’s version –

And if you insist, here is the one by Manhar Udhas –