The rote

A clueless shepherd & sheep at the signal,
Halted third time, I wait there, helplessly.
Missing my time with loved ones again,
I keep thinking about the rote.

“It was my husband’s birthday today!”
Said my recently wed colleague, sadly.
Wondering why her leave was denied,
She started with the rote.

“Are we even building anything interesting?”
Asked my talented colleague, sarcastically.
Accepting mediocrity of his work,
He continued with the rote.

“You’ll take over another project tomorrow”
Briefed my manipulative boss, smilingly.
Knowing futility of any reasoning,
I succumbed to the rote.

None of us doing what we would’ve loved,
Consumed by insignificance, repeatedly.
Spending long days at work nevertheless,
We continue to follow the rote.

I wonder what do these long days yield?
Satisfaction, or joy of creation, occasionally?
Or just some money in my bank account?
Why must I chase the rote?

“Why am I really doing all this?”
Ruffled by these questions, frequently.
Turning away from the hustling herd,
I challenge mandate of the rote.

© Manish Hatwalne
(Circa December 2018 – April 2019)


Featured images – ‘the rote’ by stuart_roger_miles from Pixabay and ‘Do not conform’ from Pinterest are used here with gratitude.


हमसे तो छूटी महफ़िलें…

काव्य, शास्त्र, विनोदाने दरवळणार्‍या मैफिलीत
हुरळून आपण सामिल होतो.
संवादासाठी, मैत्रीसाठी आसुसलेले आपण
चार दोस्तांच्या सहवासात हरखून जातो.

मैफिलीतल्या अनवट कविता,
एखादी नेमकी दाद,
तिथली व्यासंगी चर्चा,
आणि मनसोक्त गप्पा.
अशा हव्याहव्याशा वातावरणात
आपणच नकोसे आहोत,
हे अवचितच झालेले दंशभान….

शरीरात एखादे विष पसरत जावे
तसा पसरत जाणारा तुटकपणा.
आपल्याच हाताने तोडून सर्व पाश
खुलाशाचाही न करता अट्टहास,
पुन्हा एकदा मौन प्रवास.
कधीही न परतण्यासाठी.

~ मनिष (20/2/2019)
© Manish Hatwalne

Featured image – From The Internet, far too many sites using it to give credit to a specific one. I am using it here with gratitude.