Pravasi & Safar

We all know how difficult the lockdowns were for the migrant labourers. We have seen those photos, video footage and have read their stories.

These two short animated videos depict all those stories powerfully, each visual will bring back those memories. Both these videos are in Hindi with voiceover by Taapsee Pannu. Do watch…

Pravasi by Taapsee Pannu

Safar by Goonj, voice by Taapsee Pannu

Here are few lines from an old poem – मेरे अपने…

सबकी तरह शहर वो आये,
साथ मे चंद अरमान ही थे
बेहतर ज़िंदगी की खातिर
बदतर दिनों से वो लडते थे

कुछ लोग ठेला चलाते थे
कुछ तो कारीगर अच्छे थे
मजदूर थे, मुफलिस थे वो
मेहनत के निवाले सच्चे थे


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