I still haven’t found what I am looking for…

I am walking away from few opportunities….opportunities that could probably lead to more materialistic pleasures. I am refusing lucrative offers without even exploring them fully…I am walking away from options where I don’t want to go. There is some uncertainty, some anxiety…not knowing fully what I *really* want…but then I don’t want to get too busy doing irrelevant things just to keep away from thinking about my real calling…this phase is uncomfortable, trying and painful. But I am hoping to stay with my questions little longer….maybe the dust will settle…maybe the answers will emerge…maybe the light will show up! I don’t know….yet!

So I am walking towards the unknown…and it may even seem or feel like aimless wandering…I am faltering….yet this walk is so insightful, so calming…and I keep crooning -

I still haven’t found what I am looking for…

Ahhh! Those late night enlightenments…when you become the song!!! :P

Mi…Ghalib – Promising despite its flaws!

Mi Ghalib

Mi Ghalib

Watched “Mi Ghalib” today – despite all its flaws, poor Urdu pronunciation and few redundant scenes, the overall effect is quite palatable. I especially liked that it tries to dig deeper into one of the most dominant instincts/motivations of living beings – to perpetuate beyond existence. That quest for fame and intricate struggle with ego. Some really intriguing questions and thankfully they don’t try to offer over simplified answers to essentially complex, existential questions.

And yes, music is really awesome. Though one may question if it is appropriate to use ‘Qawwali’ instead of ‘Ghazal’. But it does give that powerful musical soul to the play.

I really hope the team takes more efforts on the play, improve inconsistent & faulty Urdu pronunciation and discard few irrelevant scenes and punchlines that are totally uncalled for.

~ (FWIW) ….as a part of audience